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Fab Shop Operations Begin

Tue, Oct 25th, 2016 12:00:00 am

R&R Construction Inc. has built a state of the art pipe fabrication facility that is capable of producing the highest quality welds at a low cost for our clients.


The pipe enters the shop on a powered conveyor WATTS cutting machine that uses a Hypertherm plasma for cutting.



It is also equipped with a standard oxygen and acetylene torch to cut anything over 2” in thickness. The automated cutting machine is able to cut miters, o-let holes, saddles, bevels, do the take offs for center lines, and much more.



The cutter works off a bar code system.  Ater completion of the cutting, the fitter can match the cut pipe to any given ISO.  This reduces prep time resulting in faster fit up time.


To reduce fit up time the shop is equipped with a FITRITE system. This system allows for quick and precise fit ups using speed rails and jigs. The jigs save time by eliminating the use of squares, levels, two hole pins and take the guess work out of the fit up process.





Welding is by hot wire GTAW.  Fully automated machines are used for all rollout welds and welds that cannot be handled on the rollout machines go into a semi-automated process.  On the hot wire TIG, spooled filler metal is pre-heated by induction before being consumed.  The machines have strict toleraces on wind, backing gases and welding parameters set by the WPS.  The TIG can weld up to 12 IPM making the process fast, reliable and one of the cleanest welding processes available.


The shop also allows for indoor hydro testing as needed due to weather or other contingencies.


With state of the art equipment, the shop has been constructed to operate efficiently resulting in quality product at a reasonable price.

R&R Construction Inc. (Fabrication) is located at 670 E HWY 108, Sulphur, LA 70665 in the heart of the southwest Louisiana petro-chemical complex.

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